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When do you expect your next litter?



At the top of this page you can find information about when we expect our next litter of puppies. We have a litter every one to second year... and some times it has been 3 years between two litters.

Breeding dogs is our hobby and we both have a full time job "on the side". We only have puppies when we have the time to raise and care for the puppies and guide and advice their new families.
Can you put my name on your waitinglist?
Normally a waiting list is a list of names and contact information on families that are interested in a puppy. We don't have a waiting list... but we have many families waiting for a Librrani puppy. We do not write your name on a list unless we have a litter of puppies coming up.

So... you can contact us about a litter that we have announced and we'll write your name and contact information on a list for that specific litter.

If the situation is, that there aren't a puppy for you, you can contact us again when we announce a new litter.

Please note that the waiting time for a Librrani puppy can be up to two years.
Can I choose my puppy?
If you are an unexperienced family, you can't choose your own puppy. We'll know what puppy will meet your wishes best and it's our responsibility to make sure that the match between family and puppy is the best possible. you are always welcome to point out a puppy that you find the to be the best match, and also the reason why you think so.

For the experienced breeder, it will be a choice in cooperation with us.
Lifelong support - what does that mean?
It means exactly what it says... lifelong support!

It's a must that you contact us if your Librrani dog get sick or if you think something is wrong.
What is the price for a puppy?
The short answer is 16000 DKR (regardless of gender)

The long answer:
16000 DKR is the price of the puppy.
But because we have some special conditions in our contract that our puppy buyers sign up to we deduct 1500 from that price which mean that you actually pay 14500 DRK for the puppy.

Out of the 14500 DKR we pay:
1800 DKR for your puppy to be health insured in Agria for 1 year (puppies sold in Denmark), and
2500 DKK for an examination of the puppy's hips; PennHIP examination (puppies sold in Denmark) when it is 6-8 months old.

Before the puppy go home with you, it will:
- be fully vaccinated and dewormed
- have a passport
- have a health book
- go through healthcheck
- be socialized with children and other dogs

When the puppy go home with you, it will bring:
- a "welcome home" puppy-start-kit from Eukanuba
- a blanket from Agria
- a toy, collar and leash from us

You'll also get a Librrani Puppy book with information and guiding about how to raise your puppy, and when you need to pay a visit to your vet to get the next vaccination done.
Can you tell me more aout the breed?



Before you call or write us about any questions about the breed, please read here. Det står på dansk!

Co-owner families

Play a major role for breeders who don’t want to have too many dogs at home.

We have 3 dogs living with us, but we own a lot more dogs than that! They live in co-ownership with loving families, that loves the breed and the shows. This way we can keep and import many dogs, bring in new blood and only breed from the best.


Because of you, we have time to love and care for each of our dogs at home and we don’t have to keep them in kennels. Because you love the shows and always bring your dog, we can show many dogs at the same show. Because you love and take care of “our” dog in your home, we can love and take care of our dogs in our home. We are so grateful and so impressed by your enthusiasm towards the breed. Thank you for loving your pet… because, thanks to you, “our” (show)dogs live most of their life just as normal pets!

We love visitors

But only if we have made a prior appointment. If you want to visit us and meet our dogs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.